Get a Pair of Wrist Wraps!

Wrist wraps play a crucial role, particularly when engaging in heavy bag training, due to their importance in providing stability, support, and protection to the wrists. When punching a heavy bag, the impact and force generated can put significant strain on the wrist joint, leading to discomfort, pain, or even injury. Not only do they protect your wrists, but your knuckles and the rest of your whole hand as well. By securely wrapping around the wrist, they offer additional support to the ligaments and tendons, reducing the chances of sprains, strains, or hyperextension. 






Hayabusa has some pretty good boxing equipment, especially when it comes to wrist wraps. These are $15 on amazon, and they’re stretchy. 

The Meister Junior wrist wraps are $7.49 on amazon. These are mainly for kids or people with smaller hands.

The RDX Boxing Hand Wraps are $9.99 on Amazon. These  Mexican style elastic wrisp wraps are 100% worth it if you need wrist wraps but are on a budget

Hand Wraps

Gel Hand Wraps


The Hawk Hand wraps are a cheap and very affordable pair of hand wraps. Hand Wraps provide a moderate amount of protection to the hands and wrists and are great for if you are in a hurry. The Hawk hand wraps are $11 on amazon

Hand wraps aren’t my favorite because they don’t provide the best protection to the hands and wrists but they are quick and super easy to put on and do provide some protections. The hayabusa quick gel hand wraps are $20 on amazon.

Honestly I would recommend only getting these if you are on a tight budget and just need some wrist wraps, because compared to the rest these are by far the lowest quality.